2024 Ford Ranger


We’ve been waiting for it for several months, since it made its debut on the European and Australian markets earlier this year. This time, it’s confirmed: the next generation Ford Ranger 2024 will make its appearance here, offering new capabilities and a redesigned silhouette. In fact, it’s an all-new Ranger, better adapted and closer to perfection, that will be offered.

This new Ranger 2024 may resemble the previous model in appearance, but it’s a little bigger, boasts a contemporary, screen-filled interior, a generous selection of cutting-edge safety equipment, a mid-level turbo V6 and a powerful Raptor edition. The extended cab, however, is no longer available.

Under the hood of this new edition, the efficient powertrain of the previous generation is retained, namely the entry-level 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. But there’s a newcomer, more powerful and roaring: the 3.0-liter Raptor. In the autumn, trucks equipped with a 2.7-liter turbocharged V6, another new feature, will go on sale.

Redesigned Exterior

The improved steel frame supporting the Ranger 2024 features a 2-inch increase in track width and wheelbase. Such a modification may seem tiny, but it improves the stability and loadcarrying capacity of the body, creating extra space between the wheel arches, which is more practical for carrying sheet goods or loading ATVs.

The upper shock absorber mounts have been moved to the outside of the chassis to improve ride quality. The Raptor’s suspension system is different, relying instead on Foxx shock absorbers.

This newly designed platform supports an upgradable double-cab body. It has also allowed us to considerably modify the overall appearance. The headlamps, for example, now have the same C-shaped design as the F-150 and Maverick. On the front fenders, the false air intake has become vertical.



The three versions (XL, XLT and Lariat) remain unchanged, each distinguished by a distinct front end and grille. The Raptor model has its own distinctive look, including a front skid plate, 33-inch tires, widened wheel arches and a grille bearing the “FORD” logo.

As a further detail, the new Ranger 2024 features several elements that make it more practical than ever. The best example is the addition of a step integrated into the rear corners of the body, making it easier to climb up to load and secure cargo in the body.

An optional 400-watt inverter allows the use of power tools or camping equipment. The tailgate lining is designed to serve as a workbench, similar to that offered by the F-150, with an integrated ruler and recessed areas for mounting clamps.



More Practical Interior

The Ranger’s interior is more functional and modern, with a similar design to that of the F-150. The dashboard features either the standard 8-inch screen or the more modern 12.4-inch display. As on the electric Mustang Mach E and the F-150 Lightning, the central infotainment screen is either a 10.1-inch or an upgraded 12-inch display featuring the latest Sync 4A system.

These screens are used for entertainment, off-road information, navigation and the available 360-degree camera. Future enhancements can be installed more easily thanks to the infotainment system’s ability to be updated over the air, limiting dealership visits.



On-Board Technologies

The excellent 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder remains the base engine of the new Ford Ranger 2024. It offers 310 lb-ft of torque and 270 horsepower. A superior engine, a 2.7-liter turbocharged V6 developing 315 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque, will be offered as an option. This more powerful engine, also found in the Bronco and F-150, should make the smaller truck quite lively.

Both engines come with a 10-speed automatic transmission. What’s more, each comes with four-wheel drive as standard. The new version of the Raptor will be powered by a 405 hp twinturbo V6.

According to Ford, maximum towing capacity is 7,500 lbs (the same as in 2023) and maximum payload capacity is 1,805 lbs. The Raptor can tow up to 5,510 pounds at maximum capacity.

Handsome, powerful and versatile, the new Ford Ranger 2024 will meet the demands of those who want an efficient work companion, and a technology-packed family vehicle, better than ever!